Extract Like Artist, Year, Bit Rate, Covert Art Information From MP3 Songs

If you have taken a nice look on all the audio files then you must have noticed that the summary column is blank and the other small details related to it are not mentioned in that window. Even though the song itself is equipped with many information like its bit-rate, its source, its cover art and many more things. It is not possible to fill each and every window of the songs manually, so I have got a tool to review today known as Audio Shell, which will help you to do the above mentioned task automatically.

This tool extracts all the information related to a song from its file and then it displays them into the new columns formed by them. Even the tool tip will be elaborated and the column bar will included more options for the audio files. So, from the above information I can say that this tool will really help those users, who have a huge collection of songs to manage.


This tool is programmed to cover most of the formats for the audio files like it will be compatible with WAV, AAC3, MP3 and many other formats. So it will cover almost all the audio files present in your system. This tool will not add any text to the entries which were vacant in the properties columns of your music file, instead it will create few more tab in the properties’ application window like audishell information, audioshell tageditor and previous version which will contain all the information which was included in the file itself. This can be seen in the application window shown above.


Initially you will be seeing the date, size and the type of the file in the tooltip, but after installing this tool, 11 more options will be added in it which will include the name, the bit-rate, the link from which it was downloaded, the genre, track number, the title, encoder, the duration and few more, which really declines the use of property option and saves time.

The size of this freeware is around 2 Mb and after getting installed it cannot be launched from anywhere, once you install it all the information related to the songs, their tooltips and the column bar option will change. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32- bit Ultimate edition.

Download AudioShell

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