Extract Files From .ZIP, .RAR & .7Z Files With UnRarIT

Now a days we have many formats to archive a list of files, these variety might be useful for the users, as they provide choices for the users to archive their files but then on the other side, the receiver is expected to have all the extractors of different formats on their computer or laptop. So, it might be problematic for the user at the user end as he or she is supposed to have separate tools for all the different formats like ZIP, 7Z and RAR. These three formats are the mostly used formats now days and so we have got a tool for you which can help you to extract the files from any of the archive format mentioned above.


You can see the screenshot of the tool mentioned above. Now, if you want to add any of the archive in this tool then you will have to drag and drop them into the application window of this tool. After doing so, you will have to give the path of the destination folder of these archives, which is available at the bottom of the window. Now after adding the files you might double click it to extract it, but then it will extract until and unless you define the path for the extracted folder.

After you do so, just press the extract button and then it will extract the files and put it on the destination folder mentioned by you in the tool. The best part is that you will not have to keep the separate tools for each type of archive. This tool would have been completed if it could have been integrated with content-menu of the folders and files. As the previous tools which you might be using can be accessed by their context menu. The other important part is that you need .Net Framework installed on your system as the downloaded file will not be of EXE format rather it will be .MSI Format.


You can also use this tool to add password to any of the archive, the screenshot of which has been mentioned above. The size of this tool is around 1.8 MBs and it has been checked with Window 7 64-bit Ultimate edition, so if you face any problem while using then please let us know.

Download UnrarIT

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