Extract, Export Sound From Video File Of Any Type

Sometimes, it happens with some of the songs that their videos is readily available than the audio, so if you want to use that video file for your MP3 player, then you can convert that video to audio. I know that there are many converters on many sites but one problem is common with most of them, that they take lot of time to convert them and then they are quite heavy after getting installed or they will take considerable tie while getting installed.


Today I will be offering you a tool, which is portable and can convert video to audio in no matter of time. You can see the screenshot mentioned above, first of all you will have to add a video file in this application, now you can do that by dropping that file in this application window or you can click the ‘Add Files’ Option and then you can decide the location of the output file. By, default, it will place the output file in the same directory where your input file is, but you can change that.

Now comes the major feature, here you will have to decide the bitrate, frequency, channel and the output format of the audio file. Now, if you to change these settings as per your convenience then you can alter the controls but is you are not sure about these functionalities, then there is a profile section just above it, which can take care of this problem. You can select any of the profile and thus after the selection the values of these controls will be changed automatically as per the profile.


If you have made changes on your own and you want to use them in future again, then you can mark those settings as a new profile and save it. You can use the advanced settings to alter the Offset time, while MP3 is starting and ending or if you want to put a limit over the size of that MP3 file, then also advanced settings are useful. The size of this tool is around 35 MBs and it is portable. Once you download and unzip it you will face the application window mentioned above, you will have to click the button highlighted in the screenshot to reach out to the tool discussed in this post. This tool has been checked on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. So, if you have any problem while using this tool, then please get back to us.

Download Pazera Audio Extractor

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