Extra Features Free Fast PDF Reader – Nitro PDF Reader

We had recently talked about several free pdf readers including Lightweight Perfect PDF Reader and other Faster PDF Readers, Nitro PDF Reader has been recently released which has joined the league of free faster pdf readers and viewers, which are much faster to use as compared to Adobe Reader.

Being a free pdf reader, Nitro PDF Reader offers some amazing great new features Selecting Text and graphics, Highlighting, underlining or crossing out text, Typing text in the document, Adding notes, Adding a stamp signature, Extracting Text, Extracting Images etc.


You can read all the features in detail at this page here, to see some of these features in action watch the video below.

Note: This pdf reader seems to offers the greatest number of very useful features and still being very fast so it is really worth a try

If you are dealing with pdf anytime it is much better and faster then adobe reader and offers more features as compared to Sumatra PDF Reader or Foxit PDF Reader

Download Nitro PDF Reader

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