Extend Your Desktop Screen Display To Your Android Phone, Tablet As External Monitor

Multitasking is one of the essential things for most of the computer users and sometimes the number of opened windows are so many that we switch to extended displays where we connect another monitor to your desktop or laptop. This not only increases the screen space but also lets you manage between several windows simultaneously.

The secondary display also lets you monitor the activities going in many programs. For example one can work on the primary display screen while place Tweetdeck on the secondary one and can work efficiently then. So in brief we can say that multiple monitors do help in many ways and is one of the accessories a person should possess.

But what if you don’t wish to buy a new monitor since you don’t have much workload and moreover you want to use your smart phone for the same purpose anyhow? If you own an Android phone then your issue might get resolved by the application we are going to come ahead.  iDisplay is a really cool application available on the android market for approximately Rs. 220 but is worth its price.

The app turns your android phone into an extended display thereafter could be used as a conventional secondary monitor. For taking a window to the android phone screen just drag the desired window across your right primary display side edge and it will appear on your phone.

How to Turn Your Android Device Into Secondary Display?

  • Download and install the iDisplay Windows client and grant all he permissions to it if any of its services are blocked.
  • Download iDisplay for android from the same page or Android market and install it
  • To use the application one has to make sure that the desktop as well as the android device, both run iDisplay at the same time and both are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

iDisplay Android ScreeiDisplay Android

  • Open the app on android and it will start scanning for the desktop. Once it finds a connected desktop, tap on it and a window will pop up on your desktop asking permission to allow for the connection to be made.

iDisplay connecion On Computer

  • Allowing it gives you a confirmation pop up on your android device and you are ready to use it.


The only disappointment is that as you drag a window into the screen the corresponding size also decreases which is a bit annoying as it makes reading difficult. But that manageable we guess. So if you are ready to try it out then follow the links below.

Download iDisplay For Android – [Android Market]

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