Extend Monitor Display On iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch As Secondary Display

All of us today have modern computers, with huge displays and immense computing power. We also have portable devices such as the iPad or the iPhone which also have beautiful high resolution displays. Independently, their functions are well established, but when brought together, they do not coexist very well.

Air Display is an app for iOS devices which enables you to use your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch screen as a secondary display for you Mac or Windows computer. While using your desktop or laptop computer at home, you can easily do multi-tasking, but even with huge displays, there is only so much you can accomodate on 1 display. Air Display allows you to add a new screen to your workstation, wirelessly, with almost no configuration and at no extra cost (assuming you have an iOS device).

(Image Credit: Air Display)

The app makes a lot of sense with the huge display on the iPad in everyday use, but on the iPhone or iPod Touch, it has limited but still important usage. Some of the possible applications:

  • Photoshop Palettes: Designers like to work on full screen apps, without any clutter to distract them. Open your work as full screen on your primary display, and move the tools and palettes to the secondary display (which can be an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch).
  • Twitter/Facebook Feeds, Stock Updates: Sure, you can get notifications on your primary desktop, but nobody likes constantly switching between apps. Keep your work open on your primary display, and open a Twitter/Facebook client or Stock Market application or all on your secondary display.

Some of the other features of this app:

  • Support for landscape and portrait orientation, automatic switching.

  • (Image Credit: Air Display)

  • Wireless connectivity, all you need to do is run the app on both devices.

  • (Image Credit: Air Display)

  • Not only can you use it as a display, you can interact with the objects using the touch screen interface. You can tap, draw, use multi-touch gestures.

  • (Image Credit: Air Display)

  • Cross-platform, available for both Mac and Windows.

  • (Image Credit: Air Display)

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