Export Windows 7 Theme With Wallpapers As Single File For Sharing

Windows 7 is a great, stable and best performance oriented windows operating system released till date as per our opinion. There are times when you would like to share a customized windows 7 theme with some of your friend or family people, windows 7 by default allows you to export your current customized theme with all wallpapers and colors settings in a single theme pack file which you can send or share with others to install the same theme on their windows 7 computer.

Today we will tell you how can you share the same customized windows 7 theme with other windows 7 computer.

1. Right click on the empty area of desktop on windows 7 and select personalize – this will open windows 7 themes 

11-12-2010 2-55-41 AM

2. Under windows 7 themes, select the option to save the theme for sharing for the current applied customized windows 7 theme as shown in the image below.

11-12-2010 2-44-07 AM

3. Now give the name to the theme pack file, and save it to proffered location of your choice. This file you can share or send to your friends to apply the same windows 7 theme with same colors and wallpapers on their windows 7 computers.

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