Add Windows Explorer Animations In Windows 7 and 8 With AniExplorer

Today we will be telling you about certain cool animation tricks which you can do with your Windows 7 computer. Actually the tool which we are about to mentioned will not install anything new UI theme on your computer or it will not add anything on your computer rather it will unlock certain animation restriction on your computer which will make the animation look more cooler, but then again as precaution it will decrease the performance of your system. The screenshot of this tool known as ‘Ani-Explorer’ has been mentioned below.


Before you go ahead and download this tool, let me tell you that while testing this every time you click Apply button, it will restart the Windows Explorer (or I should say explorer.exe process) and thus all the opened Windows on your computer will get closed and you will have to open them again. This tool is portable and it is pretty simple to use. Let us go step by step, the first option named as vertical rectangle will reveal the look of the folder in or the files in the windows explorer window in rectangular manner from top to bottom.

Second option is the Horizontal Rectangle which will make all the icons in Windows Explorer to get collected at left of the window and after sometime they will be dragged back to their positions. Position mixes both the previous animations as per the type of view selected for that particular folder and the last option named as ‘Alpha’ will dim the appearance of the folders and the files (it will seem as if they have been disabled or they are hidden).


Till now I have come across only this tool which will unlock the animation restricted in Windows rather adding anything to the computer. You can take help of the video mentioned above, it will definitely help you.

If you still want to play with the UI of Windows 7 with the latest looks of Windows then you can refer this post, which will help you to download a theme installation pack to make your Windows 7 look pretty similar to Windows 8, but if you are already using Windows 8 then let me tell you that this tool can be used on Windows 8 also and if you want to lock more animation restrictions from Windows 8 then I you can download and install Windows 8 ‘bluepoison’, it was developed in order to unlock few feature related to Windows Explorer and Windows task Manager but there are few more reasons to use it.


AniExplorer is a portable tool with a size of 50 Kbs, it has been tested on Windows 7 32-bit and it is expected to run on Windows 8 also as specified by the particulars of the tool. The download pack will come with 2 EXEs for both the versions of OS i.e. 32-bit and 64-bit. Please let us know is you face any problem while using it.

Download AniExplorer

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