Excel 2010 – Save or Store Excel Cells Data For Later Reuse With ZeeCell

When it comes to working with excel, there might some good amount of data you are dealing with in such a case you might want to save some frequently used cell data which is being used in all the excel sheets in the same excel workbook.

ZeeCell is a cool free add in works with Excel XP, Excel 2003, Excel 2007, or 32-bit Excel 2010 on all versions of Microsoft Windows. It allows you save the data inside the group of cells you selected and you can use this data later on so that you don’t have to type it again in the same document or some other document.

Follow the step by step procedure explianed below to use this addon with Microsoft Excel

Storing Cells Data In Excel

1. Open Excel document and the select the cells and then click the Add Ins tab in top toolbar, select the cells to save their data and then click ZeeCell >> Select Save Selected Cells


2. Now type the category to identify the cells stored data and click ok


Retrieving Cells Data In Excel

In order to retrieve the stored cell data, click the add ins tab in the top toolbar and then again click ZeeCell >> Retrieve Cells and then select the right category


2. Now click browse Cells data and click copy to worksheet


3. Once you click the button Copy to worksheet, you will see the cell data copied as per the initial location of mouse placed on the cell.


We hope you like this simple addon which can save your good amount of time while working with excel, if you want to know about more office tips, read them here 

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