Everything you need to know about Firefox OS

Well, I know most of the reader and the users must be wondering about the new Mozilla Firefox Mobile OS which is also codenamed as ‘Boot To Gecko’. The most distinguishing feature of this mobile OS is that it has been built on the HTML5 platform, the technology with the help of which we watch videos on YouTube and see all the web-services working on the websites which initially used flash. Let me enumerate that how is it actually different and where can you expect this to win your hearts and turn you off.


Distinguishing Features

The best and the obvious part is that it is Open Source OS like Android and it uses HTML5 web language to build all the applications. This makes it really comfortable for the developers to code because it lifts all the restrictions which the devs are facing these days while working on other platforms (sorry, I cannot be more specific).

In other words I can say that this OS is like a web-app which already has the access and the permissions to the hardware of your phone and the other application which will be accessed on this OS will act like other web-apps. So this means that various screen visible on those application will be the web-pages.

So the good part for the users is that the web applications acquire less amount of storage on your mobile phone rather all the stuff is done over internet and the fluidity of the functionality of this application depends on the speed of the internet connectivity. Finally this may take over the most horrendous problem of UI lag in Android phones.

I cannot make a brutal comment but if the internet dependence is high then again it becomes the negative part of the OS, which may turn off the user, as Cellular data charges will be high and if by any chance you can’t access the cellular data at some place (which happens most of the times in most of the developing countries where low-end Android market is strong) will make your phone useless as none of the applications will work on the phone. I expect that they must be having some solution to this issue.

Usage of Firefox OS phone

  • If you want to unlock the phone, then it will come with a default security code of ‘0000’, you will be able to remove this security phone lock if you want.
  • The screenshot is very easy to take and has the conventional method of pressing lock button and home button at the same time and then it will be saved in the screenshot named folder of your internal storage.
  • The Firefox phones will have 3 buttons, one for the Home screen, second one will be the volume rocker and the last one will be the power button.

Recommended Specification

The recommended hardware specifications for this OS is a processor with the architecture of A5 or above, Adreno 200 or better, 3G and Wifi (must) and the other common sensors like Accelerometer, proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor and A-GPS.

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