Evernote Users Increasing Very Rapidly Across The Globe

For all those who don’t know what is evernote, It is a great service on web which lets you remember things big and small from your notable life using your computer, phone, and the web, they offer multiple software clients for major operation systems like Mac OS X, Windows as well as for mobile platform including iphone ios and android os too, so that you can sync notes across all the devices while storing all this information online on evernote servers all the time.

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They offer both free and premium accounts for users, you can start with a free account any time in which you can create unlimited notes, but with a upload limit of 60MB/month and file which you can upload should be images, audio, link or PDF and access will be read only, that means once you upload a file you cannot edit, but you can remove all the restrictions by opting for a premium account which will cost you 5$/month, you can compare the free and premium account here

As per information it took 446 days to reach the first million users, Evernote leapfrogged from 6 to 8 million in 81 days flat. With +1570% year-on-year growth in 2010, the Android platform is providing Evernote maximum growth of users.

On April 05 2011, Dmitry Stavisky, VP of International Operations, Evernote Corporation, while commenting on the achievement said, “Crossing 8 million users is an amazing feat for us and the rate at which we’re progressing is even more encouraging. And the number of Premium users is rising even faster – from 35,310 at the beginning of 2010 to over 305,000 now. This means that not only are we growing faster than ever, but that more of our users are coming back each month, and even more are choosing to pay.”

Evernote helps people remember their ideas, things they see, and things they like. From text notes to snapshots to interesting web pages to file attachments, Evernote makes capturing anything of personal interest incredibly simple. Evernote applications for smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and the web allow people take notes, snap photos, clip web pages, track tasks and to-dos, and much more.  Everything captured in Evernote is instantly saved to the cloud and synchronized across all user devices, making all the content accessible and searchable from any phone or computer.

Evernote Growth Graph [Below]


In terms of growth from the various platforms over which Evernote is available,  iOS is still the platform providing Evernote the highest number of users; however,  this year, Android has emerged as the platform that’s giving Evernote the highest growth rate (+1570%).

As per our discussion we had with Dmitry Stavisky they are planning to come up with a new client of evernote for windows phone 7 as well very soon, and as they are entering india so they might also consider introducing some special plans for premium account for india, and evernote will also get the hindi language support also in future.

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  1. Doug Lerner says

    It actually isn’t true that you can add unlimited notes. Even though Evernote says so at https://www.evernote.com/about/premium/, Evernote support tells me that is a “typo”.

    All accounts are restricted to an absolute maximum of 100,000 notes. Still a lot. But not by any means “unlimited.”

    I requested they correct it, because it’s false advertising, but they still haven’t taken any action on it.

    The app itself is also wrong, because it tells you approximately how many text notes are remaining this month, and for me it lists like 470,000. But with the absolute cap of 100,000 that’s just plain wrong.


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