Evernote Is The Best To Do Note Taking App – [ Across All Platform & Devices ]

Its been some days since we started the review of evernote services, we got the premium account for the review which actually opened us the lot more great options which were really worth the money any one could pay for. No doubt evernote is the best note taking app when compared to any other free or paid note taking app as evernote is not just note taking or storing services it has much more to offer when you go for the paid account.

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Evernote primarily allows you to make notes store them online, these notes can not only required to be text but they can be the combination of text, images or any other multimedia content including videos. It helps people remember their ideas, things they see, and things they like using all of the computers, phones and devices that they have on-hand. From text notes to snapshots to interesting websites to file attachments, Evernote makes capturing anything of personal interest incredibly simple.

Please Note: Evernote comes for almost the all the devices, platform and operating system, its available for windows , mac os, iphone, ipad, android phones and blackberry too.

Evernote allows you to maintain a version history, you can search across your notes and sync them on different devices like I did on my nexus one, iphone and windows pc as each of them were running a evernote client while I was doing the review.

Below are some snapshots I took on my iphone [iOS] , nexus one [android] and Windows PC while syncing notes across all these platform and devices.

On Windows PC [ Snapshot ]

2-28-2011 3-45-31 PM

On Nexus One [ Snapshots ]


On iPhone 4 [ Snapshots ]


Apart for all this, below are some ideas and scenarios where you can use the evernote app, so that you make the full use of it on the go and at home on your pc.

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Still, if you are in a confusion below are 10 reasons to try or use evernote.

  • It is lightweight, fast and very easy to use
  • Store data locally or synch it to a folder in the cloud
  • Automatically saves notes – no need to look for the ‘save’ button
  • Stores notes inside Notebooks – create a Notebook for each project you are working on
  • Within each notebook you can create multiple notes
  • Assign a title (a filename) to each note and allocate tags for easy reference/searching
  • Email notes
  • The basic version is free
  • It is available for a number of platforms – you can access your account from the internet or from the most popular mobile devices (Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android, Paml Pre and Windows Mobile)
  • Everything is well-organized and easy to find

Here is the link to sign up for Evernote free basic version account and here are the advantages and features of premium evernote account.

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