Evaluate Web Standards Of Mobile Version Of Your Website

Now a days smartphones users are growing exponentially due to increasingly large number of smartphones being released. The sales for smartphones have gone up by a very high percentage since Android was introduced and companies were able to make cheap smartphones. Now a days with so many people using smartphones it is really important that the companies have a mobile version of their websites so that users are able to view the websites on their smartphones and do what they do on their computer or a laptop for that website. Nowadays with growing competition if the customers is not able to navigate to your mobile website then 40% of them will go to your competitor who has a better mobile website.

Google has brought a new application named GoMo which will help the businesses to make a mobile website for there customers in order to keep them from going to the competitor’s website. According to a study 57% of people will never recommend a business to the other people with a bad mobile site. The study also gives you one more reason why one should have a mobile website i.e. If 95 % of the smartphone users have searched for any information then 61% of those call the business and 59% of them actually pay a visit and 90% of these people act in the first 24 hours. Now I will tell you about some more astonishing facts about the need for mobile websites which is that 81% users prefer mobile websites over mobile apps and 63 % prefer mobile sites for purchasing.

GoMo 1

You can start with GoMoMeter which will tell you whether you need a mobile website for your website or not.

GoMo 2

The GoMoMeter will analyze your website on various parameters like if loading speed under 5 seconds or not, site’s image quality, whether the site’s text is visible without zooming or not, whether shopping cart is available or not and whether the navigation links and buttons are thumb friendly or not.

GoMo 3

The GoMo also gives you an option to build your mobile website if you want to. The website has listings for various vendors including Google which will be able to convert your website into a mobile website. There are other options also which you can specify such as Service Type, Annualized Cost and Timeframe for Build.

GoMo 4

The site has a links called Mobilizing Mobile which will register you for a free mobile website session and classes.

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