Escape Key Non Functional In Facebook

So, here we are with a flaw which has been scene on Facebook recently. Now, we never tried to test Facebook intentionally, but then we observed while using Facebook. We will mention about this flaw later in this post. This flaw is related to the posting of comment on Facebook, like GMail keyboard shortcut keys, it seems that Facebook also has a shortcut key as ‘Escape’, which has a function of cancelling a posting comment under certain duration of time, but it seems that it does not work properly.

To check this out, I tried to post a comment on a video; you can see that in the screenshot mentioned below. I performed these steps just to confirm this flaw on Facebook.

Posting Comment

We know that when we press the Enter key after writing the comment then it will post the comment. I pressed ‘Enter” key and then within the first second of posting the comment, I pressed the ‘Escape’ key after doing so, it displays that ‘an error has occurred while posting a comment, try Again Later’, this is analogous to the screenshot mentioned below.

posting comment 2

From this screenshot, it is assured that the comment you just posted has not been posted, but the fact is that the comment is already there on that video. Now, in order to assure that the comment was not posted, I just refreshed the page and you can the screenshot below which was found after the page was refreshed.

Posting Comment 3

If you found it useful or if you have something related to this or if you have observed anything else similar to this, then, please let us know. I hope this feedback helped and amazed you.


  1. mal says

    I used the escape key more often to close pictures whenever i am viewing them. But i have noticed for the last 2days,esc key is not functional . facebook is becoming facesuck.

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