Epic Browser For India With In Built Antivirus, Website Virus Protection and Anti Phishing Support

I have never seen a browser with 26 highly used website links already embedded in it. I am talking about a browser named as Epic Browser which has been powered by Mozilla and it has been designed mainly for the people residing in India. This freeware will save your time to a great extent and will be very easy to use, even if you are using it for the first time.

You will not have to type the links for yahoo, Gmail, facebook, twitter and many other useful links because all the links will be embedded inside that browser in form of small icons on sidebar. It has many surprising features and I will be enumerating each one of them.

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Lets start with all the features:-

  • The first icon on the sidebar is India, on clicking this icon you can attain any information regarding any news, sci-Tech topic, Top stories, entertainment and many more related to India.
  • The second option will allow you to write any thing in Hindi and then save it for future use.
  • The third option named as Skins, will allow you to change the appearance of your browser.
  • With the help of anti-virus option you can scan you whole computer, but before starting the scan the virus definitions will be downloaded.
  • With the help of write option you can write anything, as you used to write using Microsoft word, as it contains all the parameters required to format the text as per your convenience.
  • Snippets can let you cut any quotation, one liner, statistics or any thing short from the web site.’
  • Video option will let you to search any desirable video available on net and then you can create a playlist.
  • With the help of My Computer option you can browse all the files and folders present you system, this means that you will not have to start Windows Explorer in order to search anything.
  • To-do and timers options will help you create a Thing to Do list and a reminder for any task.
  • Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Orkut and Yahoo option will you to access them in a single click, once you login to these accounts you can receive any update in your accounts from the sidebar.
  • Under the maps option, you can see the map of different sites any wherein the world and under the travel tab you can reserve any train or air ticket through internet.
  • Jobs option will help you to know the best opportunities present for you in today‚Äôs scenario.
  • Under the collection you can group the number of tabs which are supposed to be opened daily. Then next you will not have to open them one by one, just click the collection option and they will opened automatically.
  • Rest are the general options which are available with any other browser.

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The size of this tool is around 10 Mb, but it will be installed quickly and I am sure that its first appearence will lure the users. This tool is compatible all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Epic Browser


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