How To Be More Productive With Multi Monitors Using MultiMonitor Tool

Multiple monitors can expand your screen visibility which in turn will improve your productivity, and help you to multitask your work the way you want. If you’re a developer like I am or a designer which I wanted to be. it will be always helpful to you if you will have multiple monitors to increase the monitor area. With multiple screens you can dedicate each screen to a specific type of work that you are doing which will not only increase productivity but will also bring your focus to a particular type of job.

The tool that we are talking about today i.e. MultiMonitor tool is a small application which will allow you to perform all possible tasks related to multiple monitors like enabling/disabling a monitor, setting the primary monitor,saving and loading the configurations of all the monitors that you have and moving the program or application windows from one monitor to another. The tool provides you with the GUI as well as command line options to perform the various tasks. The tool also has a preview mode which will provide you with the preview of all the monitors that you have installed with your computer.


This is how the application’s GUI will look when you will run the application for the first time after installing on your computer. The application is compatible with all the version of Windows starting from Windows XP to Windows 8 for both 32bit as well as 64bit systems.


This is the first window that will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The software doesn’t require installation and will run directly from the exe file which you will get after extracting the ZIP file. The various toolbar options available in the software are File, Action, Edit, View, Options and Help. There is also an icon bar present just below the toolbar.

The File menu has various options like Save Selected Items, which for me is greyed out as I have not selected anything, as soon as the you will select any program that is currently running in the window the option will get highlighted for you. The other options are Properties, Save Monitors Configurations, Load Monitors Configurations and Exit. The Save Monitors Configurations and Load Monitors Configurations are used to save and load the Monitors Configurations into the tool. Every toolbar option menu that we are going to see have the options as well as their shortcuts listed to their right to make it more user friendly and easy to use.


The Action menu has all the important options that you will need to perform the task like Move Window To Next Monitor, Move Window To Primary Monitor, Disable Selected Monitors, Enable Selected Monitors, Disable/Enable Switch and Set As Primary Monitor. To use these options more efficiently you should use their shortcuts which will improve your multitasking capability.


The Edit menu has the options like Find, Copy Selected Items, Select All and Deselect All. These options will provide you the options to edit the task’s running on a particular monitor.


The View menu has various options like Monitor Preview Window, Show Grid Lines, Show Tool Tips, HTML Report options, Column options and refresh. The Show Grid Lines is used to show the grid lines between columns. Show Tool Tips option is used to show the tool tips for all the icons present in the icon bar present just below the toolbar menu. HTML report can be generated either for all the items or selected items using the HTML Report – All Items and HTML Report – Selected Items options. The Choose Columns is used to select what all columns do you want to see in the tool. Auto Size Columns is used to auto size the columns according to the data that they have.


The Options menu has options like Monitor Preview Mode which further has two sub options Fast and Low Quality and Slow and High Quality. The Slow and High Quality options is selected by default. Other options in this menu are Hide Inactive Monitors which will hide the inactive monitors, Put Icon on Tray and Auto refresh.

According to me MultiMonitor tool is the best option in terms of features, reliability, compatibility, GUI and its user friendliness if we are looking for applications in this category but I have got some more similar applications, you can also check them out in case you would like to explore more.

Some Similar Free Multi Monitor Tools

Synergy :- This application is for all those of you who are not only using multiple monitors but are also using the multiple operating systems. The application allow you to share the same keyboard and mouse across various platforms.

UltraMon :- This application extends your taskbar across to all your monitors and adds many other new functionalities.

MultiMon TaskBar:- It supports up to 3 monitors. It adds  a taskbar to the second monitor which isn’t the default monitor when you extend the primary monitor into a new one.

DualMonitor Tools:-  This is a free software which will allow you to change wallpapers, move windows and other standard functions.

Windows 7:- You can use multiple monitors in windows without installing any extra software. If you wish to use multiple monitors in Windows you can use Win+Shift+Left/Right arrow key to move the active window between monitors.

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