Enhanced Windows Magnifier Replacement

Now a days every single person is working for some or the other multinational company(MNC) and these firms demand a few skills that every person should acquire including Communication skills, Presentation skills etc.

One can improve his/her communication skills over time by reading and practicing but presentation skills cannot be acquired so easily since these presentations are a combination of basic skills as well as computer programs meant for making your presentation more effective.

In some of our earlier posts we have mentioned utilities and softwares developed for transforming your conventional presentation tools into annotation tools thereby raising the level of details of your presentation, like ZoomIt and others.

Today we are going to talk about a new utility AeroZoom which uses the built in Windows magnifier for giving a much better experience while trying your hands on presentation stuff by transforming your mouse into a presentation mouse eventually making it very convenient to work without a keyboard.

It consists of a large panel comprising of a number of buttons for the users to switch between different functions and features at a single click, which usually takes 3 clicks with conventional magnifier. Magnifier settings could also be reached out to using this tool without any trouble.

Aero Zoom

Features Provided By AeroZoom

  • SHOW, KILL and RESET the default magnifier using the buttons provided on the AeroZoom window
  • Access Calculator by pressing CALC on the window
  • Access Snipping Tool by pressing DRAW
  • Access Notepad using the TYPE button
  • Turn Off, Hide or Quit the Magnifier with OFF, HIDE and QUIT buttons

Unique Features Of AeroZoom

  • By pressing COLOR OFF users can remove the colors from the desired magnified area converting it into a black&white background.
  • One can switch between Mouse and Keyboard controls for controlling the magnifier by pressing KEYBOARD OFF or ON.
  • Another unique feature provided by this utility is that it comes for left as well as right hander users. So if you operate with your left hand , then you must not worry. Just run the AeroZoom_Lefthand.exe and work normally as you do.

AeroZoom Controls

  • AeroZoom panel      => [Left] + [Right]
  • Show magnifier       => [Left] + [Wheel-up]
  • Reset zoom             => [Left] + [Middle]
  • Zoom in                   => hold [Left] + [Wheel-up]
  • Zoom out                => hold [Left] + [Wheel-down]


AeroZoom works only with Windows 7 Magnifier and does not support XP or VISTA magnifier since the former’s magnifier is far more advanced in terms of functionality.

Important Note

To run AeroZoom you need to install AutoHotKey first and then start playing around with this amazing tool.

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Download AeroZoomDownload AutoHotKey

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