Enhanced Feature Rich Windows Text Editor [Free]

There might be a lot of text editor available to you. We want the best possible result. Sometimes, these options are not much beneficial. So, we would not like to waste our time. So, we have been using notepad as the text editor. We find it to be the best possible editor already present in our system. What about the limitations of the tool? There are lot of options which we need while editing. But we end up either by skipping them or adjusting at the places. Now, you don’t have to worry about these features as Synwrite is available with many additional features with all the previous ones.

Synwrite is a small freeware of 1.82 MB. Some of the most beneficial and useful features of Synwrite are auto completion, tree structure, code templates and code folding. There are many other features that makes the tool really beneficial. The user interface has been shown in the snapshot below.


When you will save the edited file, it will be saved in the general format. So, you have to specify the application with which you want to access it. It can be MS Word, Wordpad, Notepad and many more. Let us move on to the features in more detail. Please F9 to get the Options list as shown in the snapshot. The options are available in seven categories as: Editor, Editor2, View, Interface, Keys, Misc and Misc2. There is the option of Word wrap also which was a major problem with other editors. Various options in the other tabs makes it useful for almost every purpose.


The syntax lexer library availability is like a good news for all the programmers.There are numerous languages available. You can make your choices and proceed in the way you want to. No need to compromise any more.


You can change or convert encoding. Line Endings can also be changed. You can synchronise the editing with Syncedit. Few other options like indentation, toggle and others proves to be very useful at times. Altogether, the tool proves to be the best option for all the purposes.

You can use it for programming, just jotting down the notes, making projects and many more. You might have tried for many other tools but find the unsatisfactory results. But the additional features of SynWrite along with the existing ones makes it practicable for the users.

The freeware has been tested with Windows 7, so will be compatible with the other versions also.

Download SynWrite

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