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We sometimes have difficulties in managing our files and folders for renaming them,moving contents of one folder to another or sometimes we want to protect  contents of our personal folders so that no one can see our personal data.So to ease all your jobs, I am going to tell you about a tool named FilerFrog.

FilerFrog is a new and innovative way of managing all your files and folders in windows explorer.This tool integrates with windows explorer as a shell extension i.e this tool adds its all features in the right click menu of widows explorer and helps you to perform your every day files and folders manipulation job easily and efficiently.

This tool can not only manage your folders but can also perform various other functions like security function to protect contents of a folder with a password,Image Manipulation function to resize your images and can even organize your desktop.To perform all these functions you need different tools to perform respective function but by using FilerFrog you can perform all these functions by just a simple right click on your windows explorer.It is very simple to use.

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This is how you will get various options when you right click on any folder.The features performed by this tool are as follows:-

Organize :- Using this feature you can move all the contents of one folder to another by just a single click.So it will save your time in selecting all files and then using cut copy option.You can also delete all your empty files and folder by  clicking on Delete Empty Files\ Folders. For example i want to move contents of my folder “Collections” to “New Collection”. So just right click on “Collection” and then click on Extract Files to Folder.

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Then enter the name of the folder you want to move the contents to ,e.g-i want to move to “New Collection” and press ok. Now all content of “Collections” is moved to “New Collection”.

30-08-2010 23-27-05

List of Files :- You can create a list on contents of folder either in notepad or in html by clicking on this feature. This will make a list of all your contents in an easy readable view so that you can view the contents of a folder and all their respective details without clicking on each of them.

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This is how it shows the contents of a folder.

Security :- This feature allows you to password protect the contents of your folder. After clicking on Encrypt option it will ask you to enter a password.After entering the password your all data inside that folder will be encrypted i.e you need to enter that password again if you want to access any file in that encrypted folder. E.g-I encrypted these files by a password.

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Now whenever I will try to open any of these file, I need to enter the password. After then only the that file will get decrypt and now only this file can be accessed.

30-08-2010 23-51-38

Split,Join And Rename :- Using this tool you can even split your files in any number of parts as per your requirement.Just right click on file you want to split and enter the size of partition you want. Like if your file is of 5MB , you can split it in 5 parts of 1MB each by using this option. You can even re-join them by using join option and can rename any of your files name by using Rename option.You can see how I split my file named “Here I Am” in 5 parts of 1MB each.

31-08-2010 00-09-57

31-08-2010 00-00-25

Image Manipulation :- This feature allows you to resize your images i.e to shrink them to 25%,50% or75 %.It also allows you to convert all image file in jpeg if it is in some other format.

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Organize your Desktop :- This tool can even help you in organizing your desktop. Just right click on any part of your desktop and it will show you option Sort Desktop and under that option you can click on any pre saved theme or you can make your own theme by clicking on custom.

31-08-2010 00-14-07

Like if you will click on Blue Sky your desktop will appear as

31-08-2010 00-14-57

Similarly you can make your own themes by clicking on custom tab.So this is how it will organize your desktop in different categories.

FilerFrog is available for both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems and the size of this tool is 1.44 Mb for 32 bit operating system and 1.52 Mb for 64 bit operating system and as usual it will create a desktop shortcut.This tool is free of cost now and has been tested on Windows 7- 32 bit edition with 2.8Ghz processor and 1Gb RAM. It is compatible with all the versions of Windows and requires at least 5 MB free disk space.

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