Enhance The Quality Of MP3 Songs By Increasing The Bit Rates and Sampling Frequency – MP3 Quality Modifier

Increasing the bit rate of the mp3 audio files always increases it quality in listening and make it more clear, here is this small free portable program called MP3 Quality Modifier which lets you improve the quality of the mp3 files on your computer by changing the bit rates and sampling frequency of these files.


You can also play the songs via program interface, the user interface of the program is quite simple you just need to add the song select the bit rate mode and sampling frequency and output location of the converted mp3 files and click the label in the program toolbar on the right top corner saying start process

This mp3 modifier program can really save some disc space, and the best part of this tool is that it retain all the ID3 tags (title, album pictures etc.). It will also show you the size of the original and the output file after changing the bit rates and sampling frequency.


Download MP3 Quality Modifier


  1. David says

    Correct me if I’m wrong but surely re-sampling and increasing the bit-rate of an existing mp3 recording will do nothing to improve the quality? As far as I’m aware, a high bit rate has to be selected when initially ripping or recording to get good quality. I think the main purpose of the program is to reduce the bit rate to squeeze more tracks on to whatever medium you use for in-car use, where the quality is perhaps not quite so critical.

  2. says

    @David – hey david I think you are right – but i read this before writing this article, take a look at the link below

  3. David says

    Yes, the article is quite right. Quality depends on the bit-rate but I think I’m right in saying that the rate has to be decided on when originally ripping or recording, as per. my original comment. If an mp3 recording has a low bit rate, the quality cannot be improved by re-sampling. The information is lost for ever! The only way is to rip again at a higher rate.
    Incidentally, I have experimented and (with my 60 year old ears!) I can just about hear the difference between 128 and 320 rates but it’s difficult to quantify. I suppose a more “open” sound would describe it. This is played through high quality hi-fi-kit, using an external sound box on my PC.

  4. David says

    In the program help, there is a comment:
    “So, for example, changing the bitrate of an mp3 file from 128 kbps to 320 kbps won’t make it sound any better”.
    Incidentally, I have been in touch witht the author, as I frequently get an “error, need to close” message and there seems to be no way to save all the settings, bit rate, destination folder, etc; unless someone can point me in the right direction. Seems I need to alter settings every time I start the program. I currently use it to get more tracks on to my cheap mp3 player that I use in the car, but the program does seem to have a few rough edges.

  5. David says

    It seems there is a new version and the author has quickly come back to me and explained how to save settings in a pre-set fashion, so things are looking better!

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