Encrypt Your Internet Connection and Prevent Identity Theft With Net Guard 2010

Identity theft is one of the most vital issue which can occur with any one with their un encrypted internet connection as just by sniffing your internet connection a hacker can get to know the confidential information of yours like username, password of your email, banking and other important information.

Net Guard 2010 is a free program which lets you ensure your privacy by masking your true IP address from a variety of Internet threats. Once the program installed and registered, it will be up and running and encrypting the internet connection you are using to prevent you from any hacker attempt.


It provides an anonymous Internet connection to let you surf the Web invisibly so your 100% secure and no one can see what you do while on the Internet. It works with all Web browsers, and also supports instant messengers and newsgroups feeds.

It provides following benefits

  • Surf Anonymously – It ensures your privacy and shields your computer and true IP address from a variety of Internet threats.
  • Prevent Identity Theft – It protects you from criminals who are out to steal your identity.
  • Encrypt Your Connection – It allows you to browse over a fully encrypted connection, your surfing is completely invisible no matter where you go on the Web.

This program also allows you to select the type of encryption to use. By default it uses Blowfish to encrypt all of your internet communications. It works on Windows XP / 2003 / Vista as tested might work on windows 7 as well.

Download Net Guard 2010


  1. Viking says

    This might be a free to download software, but it costs to register on a monthly fee basis in order to be able to use it. At least that is what it appears to me, unless there is a back door.

  2. Steve says

    I agree with Viking you need to pay £7.95 per month to use the service but considering the increase of fraud 7.95 is well worth it for the extra protection online

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