Lock, Protect Files on Mac OS X With Password To Open

We all have files on our system that are confidential and we would like to keep private. The problem is, most of us still keep such confidential files in the open, considering the physical location of the machine to be the greatest security measure. However, people have fallen prey to security loopholes in the past and have ended up losing important documents or passwords or confidential data to malicious hackers, or embarrassing stuff landing up on the internet, or worse, with their friends, family or relatives.

A simple way to protect such data is encryption. Encryption basically changes the form of the data in a manner that requires authentication (usually a key or a password) to decrypt the data back to original form. In encrypted form, the data is useless.

While file encryption tools such as TrueCrypt are available for Mac OS X, but they are usually bloated with a lot of unnecessary and complex features which a normal home user may not require.

SecureFiles is a such a minimalistic utility for Mac OS X, which allows you to encrypt your files into an image in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Launch SecureFiles.
Step 2: Add the files (drag-and-drop) you want to encrypt to the window.

Step 3: Give a name to the image you’ll be creating. You could keep a discrete name, or put anything you like.
Step 4: Select the options for Spotlight indexing, image size and image location. Press ‘Create’.
Step 5: SecureFiles will now ask you to enter a password for your image. Make sure you choose a strong password, but one that is easily memorizable, because you will lose all your files if you lose this password.
Step 6: Wait for the image to be created.

The next time you want to access one of your private files, just navigate to that image in Finder, and double click it. You will be prompted for you password:

Enter the password, and now the image will be mounted like any other DMG image. You can access all your files from within the image file.

Download SecureFiles

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