Enable Wireless Sync In iPad, iPhone Running iOS 5 or Later

One of the most demanded and liked feature has been introduced in ios 5 for all the device like ipad, iphone and ipod touch, this most awaited features is called wireless itunes syncing. With this feature you can now add remove music, apps and other data on your apple devices without connecting any cables for the same, but this feature is not enabled by default, So once you upgrade your apple you will need to enable this feature manually.

Connect your iPhone, iPad running ios 5 to computer or mac os running itunes, once the device show up in iTunes click summary tab after selecting the device in left pane and scroll down to find the option to enable wireless sync as shown in the image below.

wifi sync itunes enable 

Once you check this option, click apply button on iTunes in bottom right corner as shown in the, now eject the device and now you can do the wireless sync anytime provided the computer running itunes with which you want to sync should be connected on the same wifi network on which your apple device is connected.

To Start or Stop Wireless Sync

Go to iphone, ipad or ipod touch settings >> general >> iTunes Wi Fi Sync – tap the option which says Sync Now


Tap the same button again to cancel the sync, you will see circle with arrow rotating while syncing as shown in the image below.


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