Enable Secure Login On Facebook – Stop, Prevent Password Steal

Hacking is the biggest threat when we think about the personal id security specially on the social networking website. Facebook is a network all of us are using. We have to be a bit careful about the security. Though our accounts are secure but at the same time hackers are also too active. Using https is a very good option to use the network in a secured manner. Few days back we have informed you manually add https. This might not be possible everytime.

Facebook has provided the option if the users want to enable it. As mentioned earlier some of the applications which are being provided by others are not using the same format. So, Facebook has not yet enabled the option for all. Though they may soon modify it by themself for everyone after the required changes.

You may follow the steps as shown below to enable the option:

Step 1: Go to the Account as shown in the snapshot below. Select the Account Settings.

Facebook - Google Chrome_2011-02-03_19-54-26

Now, your account settings page will be presented to you.

Step 2: Go to settings which consists of many options (and one is account security). Select the change option for account settings. The options displayed below will be presented to you as shown in the snapshot below.Check box “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible”.

My Account - Google Chrome_2011-02-03_19-58-51

Step 3: Click on Save to update the settings.

Now, your account is updated and safeguarded by the https protocol. The added facility will protect your account from various problems faced by the users these days. The snapshot below shows you the addition of https. It shows the verification and authentication of the application.

My Account (1) - Google Chrome_2011-02-03_20-02-28

It completely depends upon the user that the security measured has to be enabled or not. Since the user may have preference of other application than security than they may not want to use it. Also, some other security setups of the user may find the option not of much help. So, facebook has made this choice optional for its users. But if you want to use it just change the settings for once and you can enjoy the safe network thereafter. You don’t have to worry any more.

I think this will be liked by almost all the users. Make the changes, so that you don’t need to take tension of the hacking of your account any more. Enjoy the safe and secure mode of facebook.

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