Enable or Show Taskbar In Multi Monitor Setup On Extended Monitor

This article is for all those user windows who work with multiple monitors like me, we had already talked about some programs which can make your life easier in multi monitor setup like UltraMon and DisplayFusion and some tips like how to restrict mouse movements to one monitor in multi monitor setup. 

Zbar is another free to use program meant to be used with multi monitor setup, this application provides several features in multi monitor setup, mainly it extends the taskbar to show up in extended monitor and provide following features.

  • Put a taskbar across the top or bottom of all non-primary screens with one or two rows of buttons, in six styles, with an optional clock
  • Provide keyboard shortcuts to move windows one screen along
  • Organise your desktop wallpaper one image per screen or one image across all screens
  • Display a six month calendar, last month, this month, and four months ahead

There are several skins for taskbar which appears in extended monitor, with taskbar skins varying from classic to windows 7 type taskbar.


This program is portable in nature, which you don’t need to install just run it through the program executable zbar.exe after unzipping the zip archive you will download from the link below.

You can configure more through program options and configure the style of taskbar, show or hide the clock, change the position of taskbar and add more effects like mirror, glass, auto-hide and buttons in middle.


As Taskbar Style, you can choose eight options – XP Classic, XP Cartoon, Vista, Zune,Windows 7 small, Windows 7 large, Royale, and MacOS 10.4. We hope you found this utility useful and make you productive in managing work across multiple monitors.

Download Zbar [ Source – Online Tech Tips ]

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