Enable Or Show Admin Bar In WordPress Dashboard On Top Of Browser

WordPress has recently rolled out the new version on wordpress 3.1.2 which has some new UI changes like the admin bar which gets displayed on the website or blog once you are logged in website or blog. If you are not liking the new admin bar on the website, you can read our article on how to hide it on the website.


Just in case, you like the new admin bar but you would like it to appear on wordpress dashboard once you login to your wordpress website or blog, follow the procedure below.

1. Just click edit profile if you see the admin bar on the website or alternatively you can login to wordpress and then navigate to user profile page found under Users >> Your Profile or just go to this link once you are signed in.

4-27-2011 2-09-11 PM

2. Check the option under Show Admin bar which says in dashboard - which means show the admin bar in wordpress dashboard once you re logged in.


3. Once unchecked, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click update profile button, and the once all changes saved, admin bar will disappear from the website or blog.

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