Enable Hibernate Feature In Mac OS X On Macbook Pro or Macbook With SmartSleep

Hello to all the readers, Firstly I have a good news that I had recently purchased a new macbook pro to explore features of a Mac OS and will start posting about the mac tips and tricks here on this blog and will cater to mac troubleshooting and problem solving on our another blog TroubleFixers.com

This post is the first one on Mac Tips and Tricks, Lets get to the point – Now from the day I got a Macbook pro I was trying to enable the hibernate feature properly on my macbook pro.

As in windows, Mac OS also allows you to hibernate your macbook with all the programs kept open but hibernate or sleep in mac os is quite different to understand, as there are different modes of sleeping in macbook and you will need to select the mode that will suit your requirement.

The default sleep mode activated in Macbook or Macbook pro does make the hardware sleep it just shutdown the display screen but still the hardware keeps running and consuming the battery power. SmartSleep is a small freeware for mac which allows to select in between different modes by adding a separate preference section with the name smart sleep in system preference in mac os.

Your macbook or macbook pro knows the following sleep states:

sleep:machine will go to sleep only (saves state in RAM only, battery keeps RAM contents)
sleep & hibernate: machine sleeps and hibernates. (default)
hibernate only:machine will go to hibernate only. (saves state on disk, battery will not be used)

SmartSleep lets you choose in between the above 3 modes as per your requirement, it will automatically add iteself to the system preferences.

Picture 1

You will first need to enter the root account password to proceed further [ as shown in the image below ]


After verifying the username and password you can select in between different sleep modes in mac os on your macbook and macbook pro

SmartSleep 2

[ click the image above to enlarge ]

Download SmartSleep

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