Enable Old Style Facebook Chat & Disable New Facebook Chat Interface

I don’t know that why Facebook decided to change their chat box format to such an ugly interface, in this chat list you cannot see all the friends who are online, there is no scrollbar in this new chat list and the friends available on your chat list are arranged as the per number of time you have messaged them or for how many times you have conversed with them on Facebook account. Initially like GMail chat list all the online users were available at the first and then all the users which were idle came after and then the offline users.


But now, there are many chances that now when you are online then you might miss any of your friends on your chat list who are online and same can happen to you on behalf of your friends. From the day they have launched this new chat list, we have been searching for a remedy to take care of this problem or to revert back to our old chat list. We will be giving you a link to download the add-ons with the help of which you will be seeing the old classic Facebook Chat list in your account and that too without any compromise.


The link to download the appropriate extension has been mentioned below. Unluckily, this solution has been available for only 3 browsers which are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. So, you can download them as per the link mentioned below and then restart the browser after the installation. When you will open your Facebook account now then you will see that you have old Chat list on your Facebook account page with all the features which were present in the new chat list.

You will be able to make video-calls to your friends and you will also be able to limit your availability but like the previous version of chat list you will not be having any direct option for that feature as in the new chat list. You can see the screenshot of this classic chat list; this same will appear on your screen. We have used it on Mozilla and Google Chrome, so, if you face any issue then please let us know.

Download Extension for Google Chrome

Download Extension for Mozilla Firefox

Download Extension for Opera


  1. Carlos says

    I have tried to revert my Facebook chat to the classic one but the video chat feature is not available anymore. How can I activate that?

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