Enable Multi Touch Gestures, Two Finger Scroll and Tapping In Windows Laptop Touchpad Just Like In Macbook Pro Touchpad

One of the amazing thing which a macbook pro has is its multi touch touchpad which provide some great multi touch gestures which windows users just dream about. Some great things in Macbook Pro touchpad are Two Finger Scrolling and Tow Finger Tapping, and another good thing is the pinch to zoom features of macbook pro touch pad, however there is no hack right now which can enable the pinch to zoom on windows laptop touchpad, but still you can get two finger scrolling and two finger tapping


There is a free program called TwoFingerScroll which can provide two finger scrolling and tapping in windows laptop with many supported touchpad, but in order to check whether your laptop touchpad is supported you just need to run the executable of this program, it is a portable program so you don’t need to install it, just run it to start using.

After running it will show the program icon in system tray which you can right to access the settings to further two finger scrolling and tapping as per your own preferences.

Note: If you don’t like TwoFingerScroll, hit Ctrl+Shift+Esc, selecting TwoFingerScroll in the Processes tab, and clicking End Process with TwoFingerScroll.exe will end the program and touchpad will revert to normal.

Download TwoFingerScroll

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