Enable More Than 4 Tuner Cards In Windows 7 Media Center

The problem of Windows 7 Media Center is that it has limited the tuner limit to only four. Hence it doesn’t allows you to utilize more than four tuners of any type simultaneously. But today various new tuners have been developed like four CableCARD tuner etc. using which you can easily surpass this four tuner limit and requires more tuner.

But unfortunately Microsoft doesn’t seems to provide solution of this problem. So today we are going to tell you about a nifty tool named TunerSalad using which you can increase your tuner limit to eight. This tool has been created by My Channel Logos (MCL). This nifty tool is probably one of the most favourite add-on for Windows Media Center and it will allow you to double your tuner limit by just a single click.

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This is the main window of this utility. This is a portable freeware and the developer has done a great job of keeping it up-to-date. For using this tool, first you will need to choose your Region. You can click on drop box and then select your desired region from the displaying list. The developer has added 48 Regions in the list and am pretty sure that you will able to find your desired Region.

Now to double your tuner limit, just click on Increase tuner limit and this single click will double the number of allowed tuners of all kind i.e (analog cable, CableCARD, ATSC, NTSC, ClearQAM, DVB-T) from 4 to 8. Once you press this button, you will get notification about same in the bottom. This nifty tool will even allow you to see logos for each of the channels while viewing the television guide.

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Now if you want to revert back to original tuner limit i.e four, just click on Reset. Again wait for notification and then this tool will revert to default configuration.

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Although this tool is free to use but developer has also added the button for donation which completely depends only on you. It will also be little annoying as this tool will notify you for donation every time you close it. You will see following window at time of closing and from here only, you can donate any amount if interested or simply ignore it and close the window.

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The size of this tool is just 161 Kb and you can run it directly from exe file present in the RAR file. As already mentioned, this tool is specifically designed for Windows 7 Media Centre and it requires .Net framework 2.0 or higher.

Download TunerSalad

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