Enable iPhone Camera Launch Shortcut On Lockscreen In iPhone Running iOS 5 or Later–No Jailbreak Needed

One the best thing about iphone 4 is that it has great camera which takes really lively pictures provided of places with proper or adequate light conditions, but it takes some time for people to unlock the iphone and then tap the camera icon to launch the camera to take photos.

Consider a situation when you are with your friends and you quickly want to take a group picture of your friends with your iphone, but previously launching the old traditional way could take some time and it may make you embarrassing situation for you in front of your friends.

A great new feature has been added in latest version of ios 5 which solves this problem, now you can easily quickly launch the camera direct from lock screen on iphone, but by default you don’t see this camera shortcut as shown in the image below.


So, how does the camera shortcut appears on iphone lock screen? Simple: just double-click the Home key, and the camera button will appear, right next to the “Slide to unlock” slider as shown in the image below.


Tapping the camera shortcut lets you launch camera directly from iphone lock screen, without you requiring you to unlock the iphone, but this may not work for iphone in which passcode is required to unlock the device. 

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