Enable Firefox Google Instant Search With Instant Firefox

We all know that Google has already launched the instant search for its search engine for helping us to search our query fast and easily. In it, we get the instant results when we type in the search keyword column. For example, if we will just type smile, it will show us all the websites in which it will find the word smile.

Considering the popularity and liking of the instant search of the Google search engine, Google has launched its instant search on Firefox also called InstantFirefox which is available when you type any word in the Firefox address bar.

Instant Firefox is an add-on for the Firefox. After downloading, you have to drag it in the Firefox to install it and restart the Firefox for starting its working. After restart, it will show a new tab like this which will ask you to type your search in the address bar.


Now, when you will start typing in your address bar, it will start showing you results depending on the words you have typed in the address bar just like this. It will work exactly like you are making a search in the Google search engine. Lets say, i have typed the word ‘smiling’ then, it will immediately show a list of web pages related to the word ‘smiling’.


Now, from the list you can choose the desired web page. Just like in Google search, it also provides the options of images, videos, news and blog of the same search. It means you can also view news, videos or images related to your search by just clicking on the option.

Check out the video below to see this extension in action in firefox

In short, Instant Firefox is a nice add-on which brings in instant Google search to Firefox and will help in increasing the popularity of Firefox among users. In a few months, Google will add Instant Search to Chrome browser only.

Download InstantFirefox

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