Enable, Disable Multiple, Single Extensions In Google Chrome From Toolbar Directly

Google chrome is no doubt a great, faster and useful browser with the upgrade cycle there are many good things which happened to google chrome browser in terms options user interface and how to access but some of the changes are not good for some users like those who were used to access the chrome extensions section in single click under options sub menu are now supposed to go through several sub menus to access extensions as shown in the image below.

So for those pro users like developers and geeky users who enable and disable extensions, it becomes a painful task which takes time more than required.

chrome extensions

Thankfully there is simple extension that exist and available at google chrome extension web store which allows you to disable or enable multiple or single extensions directly from google chrome toolbar. You just need to install ‘Disable All Extensions Plus’ is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to quickly enable/disable all extension and apps with a single click.

The first option in the menu disables everything at once, and clicking on it again enables them back, If you want to enable/disable individual extensions, simply click on it as shown in the image below.


Install Disable All Extension Plus From this page

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