Enable / Disable Hibernation In Windows 7

Hibernation is such amazing feature of windows which allows you to save the programs and applications running on your computer in the saved state by pausing them, and then you can turn off your computer. When you turn on your PC again you will resume to the saved state of all running programs.


Note: In case of hibernation computer saves the RAM memory contents to your hard disk.

Windows 7 has hibernation disabled by default, Lets see how can you can enable it or disable if you don’t want to use the hibernation feature.

1. Open Windows 7 Start Menu, type cmd in the search box


2. Right click cmd in the search results and select it to run as administrator


3. Type the following commands as required and press enter

To Enable Hibernation

powercfg /hibernate on

To Disable Hibernation

powercfg /hibernate off

[ as shown in the image below ]

enable hibernation

4. Now check to see the hibernation option on power button on the start menu, if you still don’t see it there check out our article below to solve this.

Note: Cannot See Hibernation Option In Windows 7 Still After Enabling It

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