Enable | Disable Clear Type In Windows 7

We have already written about how enable clear type in vista, and in windows 7 clear type is enabled by default. But if you want to disable or enable clear type in windows 7 here is how you can do it.

Follow the step by step procedure to access clear type text tuner in windows 7

1. Open Start Menu

2. Type the following text in the start box


[ this is the executable for clear type text tuner located in the system folder C:\Windows\System32\cttune.exe ]

3. Click to start it cttune in the search result in the clear type text tuner

4. Click the check box which says – Turn On Clear Type to turn on the clear type or uncheck to disable the clear type if it already enabled, click next


5. Now select the text box which seems more clear and readable to you in coming screens, click next


6. After selecting several text boxes with some text written it will show the finished screen



  1. Toon says

    Hahaha, and when you want to switch off Cleartype, you have to go through the same sequence of text sample screens. Why?
    B.t.w., switching off Cleartype gives you beautiful text rendering in Firefox!

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