Enable Aero In Windows 7 Starter, Vista Home Basic and Windows 7 Home Basic With Aero Enabler

We have previously written about how to enable aero on unsupported graphic cards, today we will tell you about a freeware program called Aero Enabler which allows you to enable aero in those windows versions including Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, Vista Home Basic and all other versions which may have aero but it might be disabled due to any reason.


Aero is normally not available in Windows Vista Home Basic and Windows 7 Home Basic. Furthermore there is an internal Hardware Check which only allows you to run Aero if passed. This tool can enable Aero for you and additionally disable the Hardware Check if required!

Please Note: This tool changes some registry settings and there might be problems if your computer does not meet Aero’s system requirements.

Download Aero Enabler


  1. catshow says

    Hola y gracias.
    Instale en aero enable en un notebook que viene con Windows Starter Edition.No veo ningĂșn cambio en el sistema.
    Que tengo que buscar??

  2. Sai sudhakar A says

    Hi folks,

    I have windows 7 Home basic, i did enable the aero feature. but still i cannot see the personalize menu in popup(right click on desktop).

    kindly help me out to add personalize menu in the same.

  3. Athinarayanan says

    Hi guys… I’m new to VB.Net. I’ve windows 7 Home basic. How to set sleep mode settings in vb.net code via to given time and again ven’ll finish the given time then wake up system automatically. plz help me… plz…

  4. EP says

    doesn’t fully enable Aero, especially Transparencies.
    If you have an Intel graphics card, see this page on troubleshooting Aero:

    If you want FULL Aero support, upgrrade to at least Home Premium editions of Vista/Win7.

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