Enable, Activate Google +1 On Your Google Account Profile

Google has recently announced google +1 which will show up on google search results as if now, it will appear on those search results which are liked by your fellow friends online while they were searching for some information related to what you are searching for. It’s called +1—the digital shorthand for “this is pretty cool.” To recommend something, all you have to do is click +1 on a webpage or ad you find useful. These +1’s will then start appearing in Google’s search results.

3-31-2011 11-58-09 AM

Sometimes it’s easier to find exactly what you’re looking for when someone you know already found it. Get recommendations for the things that interest you, right when you want them, in your search results. The next time you’re trying to remember that bed and breakfast your buddy was raving about, or find a great charity to support, a +1 could help you out. Just make sure you’re signed in to your Google Account.

This feature will be connected your google profile, which means that for all the search results you click +1 you will see them under your google profile in a separate tab named +1 as shown in the snapshot below.

3-31-2011 11-53-59 AM

When you see the +1 search result for the query you are searching for that could from your some of your contact online buddy will shown as you can see in the image below.

3-31-2011 11-56-58 AM

Enable Google +1 Experimental Feature On Google Account, Profile

Note: In order to use +1 feature, you will need to have a Google profile. If you don’t have it, you can create one here.

1. If you already have a Google profile associated with your Google account, visit google.com, sign in to your Google account.

2. Go to this link and click “Join this experiment” button under the “+1 button” section as shown in the image below.

3-31-2011 12-00-27 PM

Now, the +1 buttons should appear on google search results for you. Still, If you don’t see +1 buttons, just wait for few days as Google is rolling out it slowly across all the users

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