Empty recycle bin by simply clicking a desktop shortcut or through command prompt


Yes I know we can easily clean windows recycle bin by right clicking on it, and select Empty Recycle Bin

Let’s go beyond this and discuss a geeky way out of cleaning the recycle bin, just by clicking a desktop icon. Yesterday I found an application called Empty Recycle Bin.

Empty Recycle Bin is a command line tool that will allow you to empty the Windows Recycle Bin.

It is a simple command line tool which can download and double click EmptyRecycleBin.exe to delete all files in your recycle bin.

Let’s see how can you merge EmptyRecycleBin.exe to windows commands and make a shortcut at the desktop.

Follow the procedure given below

1. Download EmptyRecycleBin from here

2. Extract EmptyRecycleBin.exe from the downloaded zip archive.

3. Open Start >> Run or press Window + r

4. Type System32 and press Enter

5. Now, copy EmptyRecycleBin.exe into the system32 folder to integrate it with windows command.

After you have completely followed all the steps, you can fire the command from command prompt and also from run with the following parameters.

Empties the Windows Recycle Bin.

Syntax: EmptyRecycleBin.exe [/Q]

/Q suppresses the ‘Are you sure?’ prompt and the progress bar.

/? or -? displays this syntax and always returns 1.
  A successful completion returns 0.

But you can also create a simple shortcut to use this tool to empty your recycle bin.

1. Right click on your desktop select new >> shortcut 

2. Name the shortcut as Empty Recycle Bin

3. Type System32/EmptyRecycleBin in the target box

Double click on the newly created desktop shortcut to empty your recycle bin. If your recycle bin contains multiple number of files it will prompt you before deleting them.    

We hope you like this small tweak with windows, if you have anything to say leave your comment below


  1. Lil ndn says

    Very good tip, plan to put on a vouple of aging family members laptops for myself I jusr let CCleaner so it for me…lazy I reckon.
    FTW, freedom thru wisdom!

  2. Lil ndn says

    Great tip; I plan to use it on some elderly family members laptops…I just let CCleaner do it for me, lazy I reckon.
    FTW (Freedom Thru Wisdom)

  3. Bob Bergman says

    How can one spefify which recycle bin when there are multiple hard drives?

    I would like to put it in my backup BAT to empty before backup to save time.

  4. Crash says

    I noticed another tool that will do this, bin.exe in cmdutils.zip @ http://www.maddogsw.com
    > bin /?
    bin /empty [/force] [/quiet] [drive:]
    Empties the recycle bin for specified drive
    /force: do not ask for confirmation, just empty the bin
    /quiet: do not display progress information
    bin /size [drive:]
    Display the space used by the recycled bin on specified drive

    What’s interesting about this, When you have multiple harddrives: you can empty a specific drives bin, and not the others.

    ie: bin /empty /force D:
    only empty recycle bin for drive D: and not the whole recycle bin.

  5. jonas says

    Recycle empty logic solution

    Windows 7 make this possible;
    click’n shake the recycle bin and it empties

    (ask before deleting?… oh come on, when was the last time you click’n shook any icon)

  6. Jafo says

    I was looking for a way of programming one of the special media buttons on my Logitech keyboard to empty the recycle bin. This works great! I installed the file and then programmed ‘Email’ button to launch a program. Pointed it to the newly installed file and blammo, I can empty the recycle bin by pushing the email button on my keyboard. Neato!

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