Empty, Delete Recycle Bin Files From Windows 7 Taskbar – Pin It To System Tray Icons

If you love to keep your desktop completely empty but one problem that you must be facing is to hide recycle bin from the desktop. But now you can hide recycle bin from the desktop without losing its functionality with the application MinBin.

MinBin is a small application that lets you open, empty and access the recycle bin from your windows taskbar notification area or system tray. This application may come handy when you are using a replacement shell that provides a system tray but no useable recycle bin (like litestep or emerge desktop).

Just download this freeware portable application and click on minibin.exe to open it. You will see this application in the system tray.


You can open or empty recycle bin by right clicking on its icon and then choosing whichever option you want. Different icon will be showed if you have any files that need to be deleted from the recycle bin.

You can even change its icon with some different icons. Two example icons are also there in the minbin folder. To add different icons, just add new icons where the minibin.exe resides.

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