Embed An Excel Spreadsheet or Powerpoint Presentation In Website Or Blog

There are times when you are talking about some excel spreadsheet on your blog article, but in order to explain about which sections you are talking about you will need to upload it to google docs and then need to link it through your article, still it does not solve the purpose as it wont be visible on the same page.

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Lots of blogs and sites are posting links to photos, or documents to download, which works OK. Some are posting links to online documents, which is a little easier to view. But we think there’s a better solution for the stuff you want to showcase on your blog or website.

With microsoft office web online service you can easily embed a excel spreadsheet or power point presentation in your blog article with text around it or else you can also show it on a static HTML based website. 

Follow the procedure below to know how to quickly embed a excel spreadsheet or powerpoint presentation on your blog or website using office web apps online, the primary requirement is that you will first need to upload the spreadsheet or presentation in office web apps.

1. Go to office.live.com

2. Click the excel sheet to open in office web apps online editor, once it opens click share on the top toolbar above the excel spreadsheet as you can see in the image below.

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3. It will redirect you to another page, click share dropdown now and select embed as shown in the image below.

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4. Now it will show you the embed code to embed the excel sheet in blog or website.

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Just copy this code and use this code to embed the excel sheet online on any website. One of example to embed a excel sheet like this is given below in this article.

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