Eliminate Temp Files In Windows 7 With Quick Clean

Quick Clean is a free to use software which allows you to delete and clean up all the junk or temp files of your windows, it also allows you to run the disk check utility and also allows to clean additional junk files. It delete the files with following extension which are useless and use space and resources on your PC.

*.tmp, *.temp, *.chk, *.old, *.gid, *.nch, *.wbk, *.fts, *.ftg, *.$$$, *.err, *.—, *.~*, ~*.*, *.??$, *.___, *.~mp, *._mp, *.prv, *.sik, CHKLIST.MS, *.ilk, *.aps, *.mcp, *.pch, *.$db, *.?$?, *.??~, *.?~?, *.db$, *.^, *._dd, *._detmp, 0*.nch, chklist.*, mscreate.dir, *.diz, *.syd, *.grp, *.cnt and *.~mp.


Note: However this program is very safe to use as it does not delete any system files in windows folder, so you wont run into any trouble after using this program.

It does not delete any system folder or files, it will not delete *.bak, *.thumbs.db, *.log, *log.txt, *.pf files, it is a portable program to use and so does not require any installation you can use it directly with its executable.

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