Edit Windows System Files With Just Drag & Drop

Many of us like to customize our windows but for achieving it, it is necessary to be the administrator, otherwise some files create problems. Whenever you will try to do any modification in the file that is run only by the administrative privileges, you will get an access denied message which is annoying. So, if you do not have the administrator privileges and really want to make changes in files then, you need to know how to take the ownership of the system file.

Though to take the ownership of any file or folder, the best way is through command prompt or windows explorer. But both the methods are very confusing for the beginners. So, i found out this freeware called GlassOwnership which will help you achieve the same task very easily.

GlassOwnership is a smart tool which will let you have the ownership of a file or folder by just simply drag and drop method. The tool is compatible with windows 7 and itself needs administrative privileges to run it. During the process of installation, it asks your choice to install in either ‘send to’ menu or context menu or both.


After installation, when you will run the application, its main window will look like this.


The tool is very simple to use. You just have to drag the files and folders on which you want to have the ownership, and just drop them on the application window. In just a few seconds, a message of ‘Done’ will flash on the main window and its done.

If you do not want to use the method of drag and drop, you can also use the explorer menu for it. For this, just open the right-click menu of the file, open the ‘send to’ option, and click ‘Glassownership’ and its done.


The tool is really simple and easy. Now, the next time you face any problem regarding access-denied then, rather than using the difficult way of command prompt, better to use this nice tool.

Download GlassOwnership

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