Edit, Repair Windows 7 Boot Loader Configuration Data

If you want to edit, manage or control any of your booting configuration data, then Microsoft has provided an inbuilt command named bcdedit in Windows 7. This is a command of DOS and here you will need to first learn and fire number of commands to make desired amendments in your boot configuration. You can see this link to read how to manually change boot configuration and all related commands.

But if you find this process time consuming or if you are not comfortable with DOS commands, then you can use a tool named Visual BCD. This is a freeware utility and it provides a GUI (i.e Graphical User Interface) for the command line utility. Although there is other editing tool available over web for editing BCD data like DualBootPro, EasyBCD etc. but they are equipped with lesser features and editing options.

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When you run this tool for the first time after installing, it will show you the above notification. Click on Accept to start using this tool. Then within few seconds this tool will get load. The main window of this tool is as follow.

06-10-2010 15-27-08

As you can see, Visual BCD actually provides more than 120 options to edit BCD. It provides you a firmware-independent mechanism for manipulating boot environment data for your Windows 7. On the left side, the main options are displayed and on right side the you can see either the object or the elements contained in those main options.

Like you can see above I have choose bootmgr and on right hand side it is displaying all the list of elements present in bootmgr. Now at the bottom various options are given using which you can create a New element, Edit any of present element or even delete any element from the list. You can even double click on any element to edit it. Below you can see the snapshot displaying various options when you click on edit.

06-10-2010 17-00-54

Now Apart from editing BCD, you can even use this utility to repair the Start-up of your Windows if you are facing any bugs related to start-up. You can do important corrections to disk structure, the MBR, the boot sectors and even to the BCD store to ensure the proper working of your Windows. In nutshell, its a best tool to edit any of the Boot Configuration Data.

The size of Virtual BCD is 1.32 Mb and as usual it will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to access this freeware. This tool is compatible with all the editions of Windows 7 and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download Virtual BCD [ Link Updated ]

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