Edit, Personalize PDF ON Mac OS X

More than often, you are browsing through a PDF, you want to add your own comments, notes, graphics to it, to personalize it. You may also want to mark something in a PDF, to highlight stuff, and export it with your customizations, so that you can share it with your family and friends.

I’ve discussed an awesome PDF reader for Mac OS X called Skim before, and told you why it was better than Preview.

Today, I’m reviewing another small PDF tool for Mac OS X called FormulatePro. FormulatePro is designed to be a bare bones, simple PDF tool, which allows you to add simple graphics to your PDFs, such as ellipses, circles, lines, rectangles; it also allows you to add text, fill forms in PDFs, and export them, or render them for printing.

The default UI of Formulate Pro consists of a small toolbox window, and the window which displays the actual PDF. I used a sample PDF that is shipped with Snow Leopard in this screenshot.

An overview of the 6 tools included in FormulatePro (with keyboard shortcuts mentioned in parenthesis) –

  • Marquee Tool (M) – Use this tool to drag elements around the PDF. For example, if you created a rectangle, or placed some text in your PDF, and you want to move it, you can use this tool.
  • Ellipse Tool (E) – This tool can be used to draw ellipses for the purpose of highlighting, or generating graphics. If you keep Shift pressed while drawing the ellipse, a circle is generated.
  • Rectangle Tool (U) – Draw rectangles over your PDF. Anything drawn will overlap the content of the PDF. Keep Shift pressed to draw a square.
  • Pen Tool (P) – Draw any freehand pattern with this tool. Very similar to the pen tool in MS Paint.
  • Type Tool (T) – Drag an area on the PDF to create a text box. Probably the most useful tool. You can drag boxes over forms in PDFs to fill out the forms and then print them directly.
  • Check Mark Tool (X) – Use this to generate check marks (X) so that you can mark points as ‘counted’ or ‘done’ in a PDF. Or any creative use you can find for X marks.

I used a few of the tools in the same document to show you what the end result might look like. Exporting of PDFs is flawless. You can also print the edited PDF directly from FormulatePro, there is no need to save or export the PDF before printing.

In all, FormulatePro is a nifty little tool that is worth keeping handy for your daily PDF editing work.

Download FormulatePro

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