Edit Multiple Images, Save Them Any Format

The photographs are the part of our sweet memories. We like to use many images but some editing is required before that. You may find many tools for this purpose which are too bulky and takes a lot of memory in your system. So, I would like to review a tool known as BImage Studio. You can edit and convert multiple images by this tool.

BImage Studio is a small freeware of 2.26 MB. It can edit image in various ways. You can resize the image to adjust it according the adjustment in the document. You may crop the unwanted areas. The image can be rotated or flipped. The filters can be used. Watermark can be applied in the form of text as well as image. Many a times, you need different formats for different purposes. So, it can assist you in that also. The snapshot below will show tool.


The first step is to add the image(s) to be edited from the add menu. It can be done in two ways:

  • Image: To add image to the utility one by one.
  • Folder: To add all the images present in the folder.

The image will be added as shown in the snapshot below. You may view the images in four formats: Thumb, Pane, Gallery and Details.


After that specify the changes you have to make in the images.

  • Resize: Mention the new required width and height.
  • Crop: Mention the size and margin.
  • Rotate: The image can be rotated in three ways i.e. 90, 180 and 270 degree.
  • Flip: The image can be flipped in three ways horizontal, vertical and horizontal/ vertical.
  • Set Filters
  • Watermark
    • Text: The snapshot below show the changes that can be made.
    • Image: Similarly, the image can be added at the four corners or the customised position.


  • Rename: You may specify the name of the new image or it will be assigned by default.
  • Convert: The format can be chosen as .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .tiff, .png.
  • The quality level can also be specified.

After the changes to be done have been specified, click on process. The new dialog will appear as shown below. You have to choose which of the changes are to be applied. This is of great help when you have to test the various changes. Remember the same changes will be done in all the images. Otherwise you have to select the desired images.

Process Sequence_2010-12-16_07-50-22

The edited image will be saved at the desired location. The tool will prove to be very useful and helpful. The freeware has been tested on Windows 7, so it will be compatible with the other versions also.

Download BImageStudio

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