Edgeswap – Switch Between Opened Windows Application Simply By Moving Mouse Cursor To The Top Left Edge in Windows 7, Vista and XP

Edgeswap a small free useful application which allows to switch in between the opened applications very quickly through your mouse movement, this application emulates the functionality of alt+tab for switching in between the opened programs.


This small application creates a unique screen experience, allowing you to move in between opened applications and programs in windows, moreover you can use this application with windows 7, Vista or XP

Here is how you can quickly switch in between opened applications

After running the program(Edgeswap), Move your mouse cursor on the left top corner of your monitor screen or to the primary monitor screen left top edge if you are using dual desktop, When you keep your mouse cursor still the task switching pane appear and it will start moving in between the opened applications, move your mouse out of the area for any application which is focussed and that application open up on the top of other windows automatically.

Note: Edgeswap is a portable application so keep it anywhere on your computer but make sure it is running and showing up in system tray.

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