Easy Way To Add Show Desktop In Windows 7 Taskbar With Show Desktop For Windows 7

In case of windows 7, show desktop has been removed from the actual location in the taskbar and it is placed the extreme right of the taskbar end, I don’t actually understand why they have done like this but this way they have removed one of the most clicked and used icon in taskbar.

Now in windows 7 show desktop has been moved to the right end so it is not been clicked much as it is at the right bottom corner of the screen which is not much approachable for the user.


So, due to this reason show desktop icon in windows 7 which is shown in the above image the after the system date is not useful at all, how ever there many people who use show desktop feature in windows use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key +D but still there are some people who use the show desktop icon shown in the taskbar.

Lets discuss how can we have a the actual show desktop icon in the taskbar itself very close to the windows 7 start menu button.

In order to place the show desktop icon in the windows 7 taskbar, you will need to use a small third party program called show desktop

1. First download show desktop from the link given at the end of the post.

2. Install show desktop in windows 7, once the setup is finished. 

3. Open windows 7 start menu and search for show desktop and do as shown in the image below. [ Step 1 to 3 – Pin the show desktop to the windows 7 taskbar ]


4. Once you pin the show desktop to the windows 7 taskbar, you will see show the show desktop icon like Vista show desktop in windows 7


Download Show Desktop to add show desktop icon in windows 7 taskbar, you can read about a more geeky way to add show desktop icon in windows 7 taskbar

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