Easy, Quick Way To Pin Website To Taskbar With IE9

We have already written several tips for IE9, one the great feature we haven’t talked about in IE9 which has come with IE9 beta released recently, is that you can pin your favorite websites to taskbar.

Today we will tell you how can you easily, quickly pin a website to taskbar in windows 7, it just a simple drag and drop thing you need to do.

1. Firstly, if you don’t have internet explorer, you can download it from here – if you already have it skip this step

2. Once you have installed, run it and open your favorite website in it, Now in order to pin a website shortcut to windows taskbar drag the favicon to windows taskbar directly.


3. Drag and drop this favicon to taskbar to pin it to the taskbar as shown in the image below.


We hope you have no issues in following the steps given above Smile let us know if you have some, we would love to help. 

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