Easy Quick Toggle To Display Hidden Files and Folders, Protected Files and File Extensions In Windows Explorer

If you feel sick of enabling option “Show Hidden files, folders and drives” in your Windows Explorer to see all hidden data, then today we will be telling you about a simple tool which allows you to see your hidden files and folders in just one click. The name of this tool is Quick Hide.

As the name suggest Quick Hide is a tool to hide or enable the visibility of all your hidden data. You make your folders or files hidden in Windows Explorer so that no one can see them, unless the option Show Hidden files and folders is turned on. There are also various windows folders which are by default hidden.

Every time you want to access your hidden files and folders, you need to click on Tools on windows explorer and then go to folder options and then click on View and then enable the option Show hidden files,folders and drives.

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You may find it very annoying as you have follow the above steps every time you want to change the visibility of your hidden files and folders. So to ease all your job, just run Quick Hide. This tool requires no installation and when you run it, you will see a window as follow.

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So if you want to see your hidden files and folders, mark on option “Show Hidden Files and Folders” and then close this tool. You will find that this tool will automatically enable the visibility of your hidden stuff. You can repeat the same procedure to again hide your hidden stuff. So for doing this, you will just need single click on one option. It will not only ease you work, but even save lots of your time.

The other two option which you can manage using this tool are “Show System Protected Files and Folder” and “Show File Extensions”. You can use the option  “Show System Protected Files and Folder” to see the Windows folders whose visibility are by default hidden by Windows. Some time you may require to change some files in those folders. So this option will be very handy for you at that time.

The other advantage of this option is that, in windows explorer when you enable the visibility of you hidden folders, then your system folders also gets visible but by using this tool, you can manage the visibility of your personal hidden files and folders, and your system folders separately. I found this option very handy as per my usage. The last option is Show File Extensions.

As you all know that it is by default property of Windows that it doesn’t show the extension of your files. So if you want to see the extensions of all your files, you can enable this option.

And now the best advantage of this tool is that this tool works even if your computer is virus effected. You may have noticed that some of the viruses doesn’t allow you to change visibility on your hidden files and folders. When you try to do so in windows explorer, you always get an error message. Now if you want to format your infected drive, can take backup of all your all folders except you hidden stuff. So the best part is that, this tool allows you to see your hidden files, even if your computer is virus affected.

Quick Hide is of just 217 Kb and it requires no installation to run this tool and you will need to directly use its .exe file to run this freeware. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7– 32 bit edition.

Download Quick Hide

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