Easy Quick Open Programs, File, Folder From System Tray

If you have opened number of windows on your desktop ad then you want to open more application, then you will need to minimize all the opened and then locate the shortcut icon of that particular application. You may even find problem in finding the shortcut even after minimizing all applications, if your desktop is flooded with number of application’s shortcuts icons, files, folders etc.

To solve your problem and to simplify your task, you can use a nifty utility named Desktop Tray Launcher. I know there are other tools available like Desktop Toolbar, Show Desktop etc. but the problem with all of them is that either they capture an extra space in your taskbar or they show desktop information in a very time consuming format. But the developer of Desktop Tray Launcher has kept all these things in mind, and has developed this wonderful utility.

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Desktop Tray Launcher is a very light weight utility and it even requires no installation. When you run this tool, it will simply pin itself in your system tray as shown in above snapshot. This tool is free and portable, and you can even carry it on any portable medium and run on any other PC.

This tool run in background and will automatically start working as you boot up your system. There is no need to worry about speed of your computer as this is a very light weight utility and won’t even effect the performance of your system. You can access this tool from system tray at any moment while working. Just right click on this tool’s icon from system tray and then this tool will display the name of all applications, files and folders present on your desktop.

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You can see the above snapshot to see how simply it displays your desktop content in one single menu. To open any desired application or file, simply click on it and then that particular application will run instantly as usual. Hence this tool will save your lots of time as you can open any application at any moment without even minimizing all the opened applications and files.

The size of Desktop Tray Launcher is just 33.9 Kb and as I have already told, it will pin itself in the system tray from where you can access this freeware. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition with .Net Framework 4.0. Please note that it is advised to update your .Net Framework to 4.0 before running this tool as you face bugs while using lower versions of .Net Framework.

Download Desktop Tray Launcher

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